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Serenity by RM Handmade Creations

Shahla Mottahed founded Serenity by RM as an outgrowth of her passion for the healing nature of gemstones and essential oils. Her extensive experience solidified a firm belief in the power of handmade jewelry using precious and semi-precious gemstones to create a holistic experience for her loved ones and herself. That conviction led to the launch of Serenity by RM. Today, Serenity by RM is a notable direct-to-consumer company recognized for handmade gemstone jewelry.

Shahla’s journey into entrepreneurship started with a career in the fine jewelry world spanning two decades. During that period, she was involved in marketing and sales for iconic global fine jewelry brands. With her background in the industry and a growing interest in mindfulness and wellness, the next step was obvious: start a company focused on jewelry designed for healthy and mindful living. She was determined to offer thoughtfully made items rather than mass-produced pieces to enhance the lives of her people through fair-trade practices and introduce consumers to beautifully designed jewelry they might not otherwise have access to.

Shahla started her journey for the love of cultures, natural elements, and health when she began striding gemology and the benefits of essential oils; she learned about alternative healing methods and knew she wanted to combine western and eastern forms of holistic healing.

Shahla expanded her knowledge of using gemstones and essential healing oils in 2009 and has become a field expert in how these essential oils help heal and use them daily in her own family. Shahla is not only a mother of 2; she is a very active member of her community which gives her many opportunities to teach and serve other women, children, and families. Through her passion for humanitarian work and extensive knowledge of African and South American cultures, she incorporates her understanding of those cultures and needs into her jewelry. The culmination of her love of cultures, nature, health, essential oils, and gemstones, Serenity by RM was born.

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